Banana Bender Bubblicious “Saila”

Data di Nascita 24.03.2016

(Studios Outlaw Tagalong X Banana Bender Vissi D'Arte)

Herding Working Test passed - Trained by Giulio Rossetto & Elena Mioli

BAER +/+ - HD/ED pending - PRA PRCD Clear - PRA RCD4 Clear - PLL Obligate Clear

Reddenblu's Smokin Redemption “Demi”

Data di Nascita 18.05.2016

(Reddenblu's North of The Law X Reddenblu's Smoke A Little Smoke)

Junior Champion of Greece - Crufts Qualified - Kvarner Winner - Crufts 2020 Qualified - Champion of Croatia

BAER +/+ - HD B ED 0 - PRA PRCD Carrier - PLL Obligate Clear - DISH/Spondylose Clear

JWW CH Banana Bender My Masterpiece “Irma”

Data di Nascita 17.07.2017

(Banana Bender Smoky Mountain X Banana Bender Sventola Il Tricolore)

Res Junior World Winner - Junior Champion of Bosnia - Champion of Russia - Champion of Hungary - Champion of Croatia

Natural Herding Aptitude Test (NHAT) approved

BAER +/+ - HD/ED pending - PRA PRCD clear - PLL Obligate Clear